Elkins Pointe Teacher Lounge Makeover

About a month ago the PTSA at my son's middle school approached me about helping with a makeover of the teacher's lounge area. Although I'm not a designer (nor a videographer), I guess a few of my friends trusted my vision enough to recommend me to do it! I was thrilled to take on the challenge along with the help of many talented volunteers! A blog post will come with photos and links and proper thanks to all involved, but for now enjoy this video of the transformation. The amazing part is that 100% of the project was funded by parent donations to the PTSA!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity. Please know that your donations are truly making a difference in the quality of life of the educators we entrust our children to! music by www.bensound.com


[... and Doggy Makes Six ] Atlanta, Roswell Lifestyle Photographer

When this family of five (six?) told me they wanted a whimsical Fall session, I immediately envisioned their beloved Shih Tzu Buckeye in mix. Who better than your fur-baby to help everyone feel relaxed and natural during their shoot? Add some magical light and parents who came prepared with music and special treats (for both the kids and adults), and these images couldn't help but be joyous and playful!

{ Hannah Class of 2017 } Atlanta, Georgia senior photographer

When I drove up to the farm for this senior session and was greeted by a flock of the friendliest chickens ever, I had a feeling this was going to be a great shoot. Then I met Hannah, with her sparkling blue eyes and genuine smile, and I knew instantly that we were going to have an absolute BLAST. Especially with our cast of characters - from the chicken welcoming committee, escaping goats, to Dakota the horse, there was no lack of laughter and fun to be had. It was a special bonus to find out that Hannah is also a budding photographer herself, and we could "talk shop" while shooting to take a little bit of the pressure off of being on the other side of the lens! Check out her work on Instagram @4pure_focus! Good luck to you Hannah as you finish your senior year in the Reinhardt Dual Enrollment Program!   

{Urban Family Lifestyle Session} Atlanta Photographer

In the beginning of October, I attended the "Click Away" conference in Seattle put on by Clickin Moms. One of the boutique classes I chose to attend was a creative urban shoot with the amazing lifestyle photographer Danielle Hatcher. It was crazy, to be sure, to follow her session with this family along with 25 other photographers in busy downtown Seattle. We started on the streets, stopped by Pike Market, and ended at the famous Gum Wall (um, yuck). It was such a fun and confidence building exercise to try and catch shots within such a chaotic environment and still come away with a gallery of images that I'd be proud to deliver to a family. I can't wait to do a shoot like this with my own clients. Who's game??

{ C Family Newborn Session } Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

It's been a long time since I posted an entire session! This year, I booked a lot of newborn lifestyle shoots and I have to admit, I absolutely LOVE working with families to document these precious first memories in an unposed, authentic way. (Hint, hint, if you have any pregnant friends, please send them my direction!) A lot of parents worry about their house being too messy or "not decorated" enough to do an in-home session, but most of this shoot was done using window light and one little corner of the bed, far away from any piles of dishes or laundry. And with that sweet adorable baby front and center - not to mention a big brother who almost stole the show - who is looking at anything else?

{ Vargas Family Fall Session } Atlanta, Roswell, GA Family Lifestyle Photographer

The family that plays together, stays together.

When this sporty crew asked to do their session at the park I couldn't have been more excited. Comfy clothes? Check. Fun for the kids? Check. Fun for the grownups (and the photographer)? Check (and check). I couldn't think of a more perfect session to showcase the love, playfulness, and solidarity that characterizes this fabulous foursome. It also happens to be this super dad's birthday today, so I couldn't think of a better way to say thank you for coming out early on a cold Fall morning and letting me capture you in such a special way! Oh - and also for introducing me to Hip Hop Barbeque Pandora. Definitely thank you for that too. 

As always, thank you for stopping by! Hope you are enjoying the early signs of Spring! xo

{ Dupree Family Fall Session } Atlanta, Roswell, Milton, GA Family Lifestyle Photographer

I was so happy I was able to connect with this family to take some very last minute Fall photos. Not only are they super cool, fun and laid back, they're also very easy on the eyes. Add in some golden light, family snuggles and a guest star appearance from their fur baby, and it was a recipe for a perfect little session. 

Thanks for stopping by! Likes, shares and follows are always appreciated ~ xoxo

{ A Day at the Pool } Atlanta Child, Family + Lifestyle Photographer

One of my goals for 2016 is to hone in on my skills through personal projects. So, never one to do things in a small way, I went straight for the kill and decided to tackle a 366 Project (a photo a day for 366 days in 2016). I learned quickly that I needed to decide on a guiding purpose for this project or I was going to get sucked into the vortex of trying to create something "post worthy" every day and end up quitting.

Then, as I looked back on my first few weeks and pondered the beautiful words of advice from other women who had tackled the project, I realized that I wanted to create a love letter to my family, not a portfolio. Something for us to look back on for years to come, and hopefully someday (way down the line) a meaningful insight for my sons into how I saw them as they grew up. The weight was lifted and from that point I started focusing on capturing something that would evoke memories from that specific day.

From an artistic standpoint, I have to admit some days are pretty mundane and I struggle for inspiration, while others are serendipitous with light or location or my kids being especially tolerant of my lens ... and I find myself with images leftover to fill an entire album and maybe - just maybe - even a few for the portfolio. This last weekend I had one of those days, while we were in the mountains with friends escaping a frigid day at the indoor pool and hot tub. I spotted some cool little pockets of light, the kids were having too much fun to be bothered by me and my camera, and a little magic happened. 

Thank you so much for spending a little time in my world ~ xo 

{ Bridges Family } Roswell, Atlanta GA Maternity Photographer

When I first met this adorable lady, as I entrusted her with my oldest son on his first day of Kindergarten, she was expecting her first little girl. When I entrusted her with my second baby boy, on his first day of Kindergarten, she was expecting her second baby girl. I am not trying to keep up this time! It was unbelievably fun to capture "our" first maternity session together (did I mention she voluntarily changed outfits 3 times, under a sheet no less, and hiked over two miles by the end of the night?) She is a rockstar as a teacher and as a person, and I can't wait to meet the next member of the Bridges Family xo

"It takes a big heart to shape little minds"

{ Siders Family } Roswell, Atlanta GA Child + Family Lifestyle Photographer

Where do I begin about this session? This shoot turned into everything I wish all my sessions could be. To start, we wanted to do something different to embrace mom's experience living in France, and we had big plans for a french bistro lifestyle session. Sadly, it was not to be on a busy Saturday morning but we didn't let that get us down! We met at the break of dawn and caught some of that gorgeous light that can only be found at that unspeakable hour! Then we still grabbed some cupcakes outside of the bistro and played on Canton street. In the end it was a wonderful morning, full of laughs, and one of us just happened to have a camera.....